Sightseeing route around the “Vepriai Crater” area

You can explore the surroundings of the Vepriai meteorite crater by riding on four bicycle tracks of varying difficulty. The total length of the tracks is 83 km. The following natural and cultural objects can be seen while travelling along these routes:

– 4 mounds (Vepriai, Sukiniai, Sližiai and Dubiai)

– 5 stones (Mokas, Šaltupis, Juozapavičius, Vaika feet and Meška feet);

– 2 sources (Bečiai and Žuvintė);

– 3 lakes (Vepriai, Ilgajis and Gylio);

– 2 barrows (Bečiai and Kazlaučizna);

– 3 ruins of water mills (Širvinta, Bečiai and Žirnaja);

– 6 architectural monuments (Vepriai Manor, Bečiai Manor, Sližiai Manor, Vepriai Church, Chapel of the Bar Confederation and Sližiai Chapel);

– 2 places of sacrifice (Kaukakalnis and Mokas stone);

– 8 rivers (Šventaja, Širvinta, Geleže, Žuvinta, Žirnaja, Skardupis, Malkupis and Sugedas);

– 4 sacred places (Vepriai calvary, Vepriai church, Sližiai chapel and the place of Mary’s apparition);

– Sarcophages of 10 deep wells.


Coordinates: 55.141097, 24.540698