The route of Ukmerge manor ring

In recent years, Lithuanian manors have become one of the most attractive places for travellers. Some are mysterious, others are revived, and others are tempted by interesting events. Currently, there are 8 manors which are open to tourists: Manor of President A. Smetona (Užugiris), Vaitkuškis, Taujėnai, Krikštėnai, Sližiai, Leonpolis, Šventupė manors and Siesikai castle. As many manors surround the Ukmergė district, it was decided to connect it to the Ukmergė manor ring route.


All the manors are different, but each of them is worth a visit: to see the architecture, interior, to hear the most interesting details of history about the personalities who lived here, their work, love stories, destinies, to look around.

This is a cognitive route, during which you will get acquainted with the manors of Ukmergė district, experience the manorial breath of life, immerse yourself in the dramatic events of the nation’s history and be rewarded with unforgettable emotions.

The route of Ukmergė manors ring can be started by visiting the Ukmergė tourism information center “Mūsų krautuvėlė” (Kauno str.1, Ukmergė), where you will receive a leaflet with detailed information and instructions on how to reach each of the manors.

If you decide that visiting the manors yourself seems too difficult, you can use a guide to help you plan your needs, arrange the timing of all visits, accompany you throughout the tour and focus on the story of each manor. There are two tour options: a one-day tour, during which you will visit up to 4 manors of your choice. A two-day tour that will visit all 8 mansions and a guide will offer accommodation.


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The manor of President Antanas Smetona is located on the vivid southern shore of Lake Lėnas. In 1934, in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the President, it was decided to give him a plot of land in his hometown. 1937 In the summer, after building a house, Smetona and his family spent the summer on their farm for the first time. The manor in Užugirs was a place of rest and reflection for the President.
Dvaro g. 3, Užulėnio village, Taujėnai sen., Ukmergė district. sav., GPS: 55.42563, 24.56354
+370 670 27306
I-II: holidays III-VI: 10 am-6pm. VII: 10-17 p.m.

Siesikai Castle is located on the southern shore of Lake Siesikai, just a couple of kilometers from the town of the same name. Built in the 16th century. At the beginning of the 19th century, it remains one of the earliest and most mystical Renaissance fortified residential buildings in Lithuania. 1992 The homestead of Siesikai manor has been declared an archaeological, historical, engineering, architectural and artistic cultural heritage site of national significance.
Daugaliai village 1, Siesikai sen., Ukmergė district. sav., GPS: 55.28660, 24.51398
+370 612 94091
VI: 10-18 hrs, VII: 10-17 hrs. I-V: Visitors are not accepted due to ongoing maintenance.

The homestead of Leonpolis Manor, formerly referred to as Deltuva, is located on the banks of the Šventoji River. Vikings and Curonians are said to have sailed and traded on this river in the 8th and 11th centuries. In the 11th – 13th centuries, the lands of Deltuva actively participated in the events of the unifying Lithuania. In 1435, from Leonpolis, it was possible to observe the Battle of Pabaiskas on the other side of the Holy River, which changed the history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
Sodo g. 12, Leonpolio village, Deltuvos sen., Ukmergė district sav., GPS: 55.21567, 24.71652
+370 686 88822, +370 620 79023
I-V: 9-17 p.m. VI-VII: by prior arrangement by telephone.

Taujėnai manor dates to the end of the 16th century. Radvila once ruled here in the 18th century. At the end of 1785, Taujėnai was ruled by Count Benediktas Marikonis, who married M. Radvilaitė and received the manor as his wife’s dowry. It was designed by the Italian architect Pierro de Rossi in 1802. built a palace in the classicist style. The new style building is famous for being recognized as the longest building in Lithuania (150 m of lenght).
Mechanizatorių st. 41, Taujėnai, Ukmergė district. sav., GPS: 55.39782, 24.75971
+370 616 58391
I-VII: 10-18 p.m.

Krikštėnai manor has been mentioned since the 18th century, as the property of Duke Xavier Bogush. After his death, the manor was inherited by his younger brother Francis Xavier Bogush. 19th century in the middle the manor took on a baroque style. The manor is in a quiet and secluded place, distinguished by a wonderful combination of space and picturesque landscape.
Beržų st. 3, Krikštėnai village, Pivonia eldership, Ukmergė district. sav., GPS: 55.11970, 24.85871
+370 604 45255
I-III: holidays IV: 10 am-8pm. V-VI: 10-21 p.m. VII: 10-20 p.m.

The formation of Vaitkuškis manor began in the 16th century. The manor belongs to various relatives, soon, in 1794, Vaitkuškis became the nest of the Kosakowski family. The palace was rich in an art gallery of paintings by Italians, the owner S. Kosakowski, 12 thousand, volume library. With the outbreak of World War I, the most valuable items were taken away. Stanislaw Kazimierz Kosakovsky had founded one of the first photo studios and photography laboratories in the country. Although the Vaitkuškis photo studio has been in operation for only a decade, about 8,000 photographs.

Parko st. 2, Vaitkuškio village, Pabaisko sen., Ukmergė district. sav., GPS: 55.21002, 24.79888

+370 699 38584

I-V: holidays VI-VII: 11 am-5pm.

Šventupė manor is one of the oldest wooden manors in Ukmergė district, dating back to the 18th century, built on the bank of the Šventoji river, surrounded by beautiful nature. The manor had many owners. 1882 it was bought by auction by the rich owner of many estates, Mykolas Komaras. The manor belonged to the Komari family until 1940. Surviving in the 19th century a park established by the landowner A. Komaras, classified as a natural monument of local significance.

Melioratorių st. 2, Sventupė village, Vidiškiai eldership, Ukmergė district. sav., GPS: 55.32274, 24.88878

+370 648 16318, +370 616 10083

I-V: 10-17 p.m. VI-VII – by prior arrangement by phone.

On the hill, between the ponds and the surviving old trees of the park, stands the Sližiai manor. Although the anatomy of the manor speaks of the 19th century. construction, certain architectural details suggest that the Sližiai manor may have been rebuilt at that time, perhaps before that. The main manor house is wooden, rising on a high brick ornate plinth with a cellar. 19th century At the end of the 19th century, the owner of the manor house was Belinskis, from whom it was probable that the manor was acquired by landowners Rembowska (Rambauskas). Photos of the interwar parcel can be seen in the huge garden surrounding the manor. Several old apple trees stand here and delight the fruit to this day, they are “protected” by a row of centuries-old oaks and a linden alley.

Dvaro g. 5, Kultuvėnai village, Vepriai sen., Ukmergė district. sav., GPS: 55.11523, 24.59966

+370 604 27 991

I-V: 08-19 VI-VII – by prior arrangement by phone.