A guided tour of Ukmergė

Many of you have travelled through Ukmergė. However, have you ever thought that it is one of the oldest towns in Lithuania with a complex and interesting history? Is it intriguing? During the 2-hour-long excursion around Ukmergė, you will learn many interesting facts and details about its history, visit the most important objects, admire panoramic views.

A guided tour “A ring of manors in Ukmergė district”

Take a tour around the ring of manors in Ukmergė district using the services of a guide that will help you to make the route according to your needs, coordinate the time of all visits, accompany you during the tour and focus your attention on the story of each manor. Two tour options are offered: a one-day excursion, during which you will visit up to 4 estates selected by you; a two-day tour, during which you will visit all 8 estates: President Antanas Smetona, Taujėnai, Šventupė, Vaitkuškis, Krikštėnai, Leonpolis, Sližiai and Siesikai, and the guide will offer accommodation and an interesting evening programme.

A guided tour “Singing pigeons in Ukmergė”  

Have you heard? “There are a lot of pigeons in Ukmergė…” Yes, the words of the legendary song “Zombies” have become a reality in Ukmergė. Currently, Ukmergė is decorated with more that twenty singing pigeon sculptures, a route has been created and a tour “Singing pigeons in Ukmergė” has been prepared. During the 1.5 hour-long tour, you will travel from one sculpture to another, you will hear many interesting and witty details, and have a great time!

A guided tour of the renovated exposition in Ukmergė Regional museum

You can explore Ukmergė Regional museum independently or have the tour with a guide, who will convey complex and at the same time extremely interesting details of the history of Ukmergė region, answer any questions that you may have and explain everything in 1.5 hours.

A guided tour “Jewish heritage in Ukmergė”                                             

During the part of the 17th century the Jews, who settled in Ukmergė, formed an economically and politically active community, whose prosperity tragically ceased during World War II. All that remains of it in Ukmergė is few memorial sites and monumental plaques on the former Jewish houses of worship. Nevertheless, most of the buildings that belonged to the Jews in the town centre are still standing. During the 2-hour tour you will visit the remaining Jewish cultural heritage sites, hear the facts and details about the great history of the Jewish community in Ukmergė.