A virtual route “A town in your palm”

It is a new cultural product that presents the development of Ukmergė town through the prism of cultural heritage objects and the personalities that shaped the identity of the town. Fourteen cultural heritage objects are marked by stylized icons on a specially designed map, which is on the website www.ukmergeinfo.lt. When you press an icon, a painted image of objects appears, a few second late it changes into a video and is accompanied by an intriguing narrative.

An interactive route “Singing pigeons in Ukmergė”

In 2016, participants of the international metal art workshop created and donated fifteen pigeon sculptures to the town of Ukmergė. Currently, Ukmergė is decorated with over twenty singing pigeon sculptures that make the route. Next to each of them, you will find a fixed metal plate with a QR code, after scanning it you will hear a song. In addition to musical greeting, “Singing pigeons in Ukmergė” have become a symbol of the town and have magical powers…

An interactive route “A town speaks to you”

Discover 14 sculptures, which are voiced by residents of Ukmergė. If you have a QR code scanner, you will hear a recording that briefly presents sculpture and/or tells a story and points in the direction that helps you to find another “talking” sculpture.

A historical-cognitive route “Jewish Road”

In the first part of the 17th century, the Jews, who settled in Ukmergė, formed an economically and politically active community, whose prosperity tragically ceased during World War II. This route shows everything, what was left of the large Jewish community in Ukmergė: memorial sites, monumental plaques, and Jewish cultural heritage objects.

A cognitive route “The old town of Ukmergė”

Get acquainted with Ukmergė, which is one of the oldest settlements in Lithuania, one of the seven Lithuanian towns with a remaining old town, admirable brick buildings of various styles, cobbled streets, which remember multicultural life, houses of worship and other historical objects. It is also one of the two places in Lithuania that has a mound in the centre of the town and a lot of unpolished charm!