The manor of Siesikai 

The manor of Siesikai was built in 1492-1517. On the southern shore of lake Siesikai by the efforts of Gabrielis Daumantas Siesickis. This is the only Renaissance-style fortified residential building in Lithuania which is still left. The visible shooting holes in the walls and the fact that it was protected on three sides by deep, water-filled ditches is the evidence that palace was built as a fortress. Currently, the western and southern ditches, the western embankment has been recast. In this renaissance castle, which acquired baroque and classicist features over time, a lot of attention was paid to the floor, ceiling, everywhere and to create a harmony of architectural elements, there are many examples of wall painting.

17th century help – 18th century Ave. Mykolas Daumantas Siesickis managed the Siesikai estate. 18th century pr., during the Swedish attack, the manor was heavily damaged and looted. In 1713, after the death of M. D. Siesickis, the Siesikai estate passed to his daughter, who married Mykolas Antanas Radvila, as a dowry. However, in 1746, Radvila did not clean up the severely damaged manor he sold it to the citizen of Ukmergė, Konstantinas Daugelas.

In the 19th century the then owner of the manor, Dominykas Daugėla, which was the son of Konstantinos Daugėla, reconstructed the castle giving it elements of classicism style. The palace was famous for its rich collection of paintings, weapons, silver and porcelain, and collections of manuscripts. Daugėlas lived in the manor until the Soviet era. In 1940 the estate was nationalized. After the Second World War, the palace passed to the Soviet farm, until 1952, when a school operated in the manor of Siesikai. Later on, a farm office and a warehouse were located.

In 1992 The Siesikai manor homestead has been declared as an archaeological, historical, engineering, architectural and artistic cultural heritage object of national significance. Currently, the first floor of the manor is fully restored, research and restoration work are being carried out on the second floor. The Siesikai manor-castle is a department of the Ukmergė Museum of Local History. Visitors are admitted to both floors of the manor-castle, and hour-long guided tours are organized.